Punk's Peak Mountain Studio

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Woodrow meets a bear!

Yard art  for the laughs, the bed frames come complete with an electric fence and they make it official now, gardening is the third best thing you can do in bed. ;)

View from the back of the "Aloha Deck" and the painting studio on the hill farther up on the peak.

It's a mom and 3 cubs in the front yard.

This is Woodrow, the man of the house.

Gus, in his favorite cubby hole that is finished off with steps and a cat walk toward the "Aloha Deck".

The  dogwoods in the spring view from the front porch.

Meet Punk, she has inspired me on countless occasions. She reached for the stars and then booked one for herself in 1999. Rest in peace my little sweetheart.

The tailgate of my work truck with a sunset reflection.

My flock of hummingbirds chowing down on the "Aloha Deck" I feed more than 100 birds every summer.